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Terms & Privacy policy company (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and any person interested in cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the Client) cooperate under the conditions of the following Terms of service. Every person registered on the Company website at accepts all the listed terms without exception, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them in full. In the event that the client does not agree with the listed terms (partially or completely), he/she must refuse to register on the Companys website and do not use provided features and services.

  1. General provisions of the offer
    1. cooperates with private investors who act as its clients only through the investment project located at
    2. The Company’s investment offer includes only those conditions that are described by the tariff plans of the project. There are no individual conditions for cooperation between the Company and the Client.
    3. Only the person who has reached majority age in his/her host country can become the Participant and the Client of the project. Moreover, the cooperation with the Company must not violate the legislation of the host country of such person.
    4. The terms described in this document are subject to change. The Company does not assume the responsibility to notify about such changes. The Clients are responsible for independent monitoring and controling the conditions described in this provision.
    5. Any changes or amendments to the Terms come into force after their publication on the Companys website at
  2. Rights and Obligations of the Company
    1. The Company undertakes to provide the services described on its website with the domain name to all participants, who have registered on the specified site and accepted the terms of the investment offer - have purchased the Companys shares.
    2. The Company operates in the legal field of the country of official registration, and has its representative office in this country.
    3. The Company undertakes to provide access to a personal account that will enable the use of the Companys services for each registered participant.
    4. The Company reserves the right to block the accounts of participants who will be caught in multi registrations. In this case, the available funds in the accounts of such users will be blocked, investment conditions will terminated, and no refunds or compensation will be made.
    5. The Company reserves the right to block Clients’ accounts that disseminate false information about the features of the working process in the Project or mislead other participants regarding their solvency.
    6. The Company is not liable for lost profit of participants or other missed opportunities for reasons beyond its control (e.g., lost caused by the Internet provider or due to technical malfunction of the Clients devices).
    7. The Company strictly prohibits any spam. If we identify that the Client sent spam content to other parties, cooperation with such Participant will be terminated and his/her personal account will be blocked.
    8. The Company is not responsible for the actions of the payment systems, which the Client uses to conduct financial transactions. Before making transactions, check the commission amount and the additional conditions that electronic payment systems have for their users.
    9. The Company reserves the right to process the profit withdrawal of the Client to the same EPS, through which the Client made the deposit.
    10. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the current terms of cooperation with Clients, if the market situation, the specifics of investment and other objective factors requires it. At the same time, the Company undertakes to notify the Clients about such changes in the news section of the site and by e-mailing to the addresses indicated by the Clients during registration.
    11. The Company reserves the right to use various methods of recording information in the event of disputes with the Client. The Company can use and publish in case of necessity the records of conversations, copies of correspondence and other evidence received.
    12. The Company reserves the right to use any available methods to identify fraudulent schemes organized by Clients and to prevent money laundering.
    13. The Company undertakes to pay the profit to the Client as long as its activities are profitable.
    14. The Company undertakes to provide uninterrupted access to the Site of the Project. In the case of any technical work during which the Client will not be able to access the personal account and Companys services, he/she will be notified in advance in the news section of the Project or by sending an e-mail notification.
    15. The Company undertakes not to disclose to the third parties any personal and payment data received from the Client in the process of cooperation.
    16. The Company guarantees that its investment offer does not contradict the legislation of the country of registration and international law.
  3. Rights and Obligations of the Client
    1. All registered participants of the Project have the right to use the investment offer of the Company.
    2. The Client has the right to independently choose an investment offer, based on his/her preferences and requirements for the period and profitability of deposit.
    3. By registering on the site, the Client confirms that he carefully studied the Terms, understands their meaning and agrees to follow the listed provisions.
    4. The Client undertakes to provide only reliable information about himself In the process of registration on the Project website and further cooperation with the Company.
    5. The Client undertakes not to create more than one account in the Project.
    6. By transferring his funds to the management of the Company, the Client gives its order that the Companys representatives to carry out any necessary operations (within the scope of the activity specified by the Company) in order to generate income.
    7. The Client understands that trust management may incur certain risks associated solely with the failure of subsequent investments of the Company, inaccuracies in analytics, trading risks.
    8. By investing funds, the Client understands that the withdrawal ahead of time, full or partial return of investment before the end of the deposit period is impossible.
    9. The Client is aware that the Company has the right to make any changes and amendments to any provisions of this agreement without prior notice. Therefore, the Client is responsible for timely acquaintance with the actual information.
    10. The Client has the right to use the projects affiliate program to get additional profit. At the same time, he understands that only investors of the project have access to this opportunity.
    11. The Client is fully responsible for providing the correct payment details in order to receive his profit.
    12. The Client is fully responsible for the safety of his account access data. The Company is not liable for unauthorized access to the Clients account of third parties due to the Clients fault.
    13. The Client agrees to notify the Companys representatives about any changes in the personal data specified during registration.
  4. Risks
    1. The Client must understand that any investments involve risks and the responsibility for the funds loss for reasons beyond the control of the Company falls solely on the investor.
    2. Neither party is responsible for the failure to fulfill its obligations, if it was caused by force majeure, catastrophe, military actions and other factors that the parties were unable to take into account and prevent.
    3. The Client must understand that the Company conducts its business in the field of investment, so its success is influenced by global financial crises, unfavorable political situation and other factors that can lead to losses. In this case, the Company will not be able to fulfill its obligations to the Client.
  5. Final clauses
    1. Any disputes between the Company and the Client are resolved through negotiations to satisfy the requirements of both parties.
    2. Accounts of Clients who will attempt to access the Companys databases or accounts of other customers are subject to blocking. The appropriate measures will be taken as prescribed by the rules of international law in respect of the parties that committed such unlawful acts.
    3. The Company has the right to terminate the provision of services in the event that the Client is consciously violates the rules described in this agreement.
    4. All information provided on the Companys website at is considered to be of legal significance to the rules described in this document.
    5. This agreement comes into effect from the moment of acceptance by the Client and is limited to the completion of legal relationships between the parties.

Privacy policy

Data collection

The company notifies clients that personal information is collected while visiting the site, during the registration of a personal account and the conduction of financial transactions. These data can’t help us to authenticate the user, and the data collection does not pose any danger to the client. Nevertheless, we consider it necessary to inform you what information about the participants is collected, how it is used and how it is prevented from being transmitted to third parties.

When you visit or perform any actions on the site of the investment project, we may become aware of your IP address, the type of browser and operating system used, geo-location data, all information specified during registration, and the requested pages.

Processing of personal data

We use the received information to improve the quality of provided services, efficiency of the user support and website visibility. In addition, the received information is analyzed to improve the cooperation with clients and the provision of our services.

We also use cookies to track the behavioral attitudes of customers and improve the effectiveness of the site. This does not affect the confidentiality of your personal information.

Protection of personal data

The company uses modern methods of protecting the personal information of its clients due to the high-quality technical equipment of the investment resource: reliable data encryption, placement of the companys servers in safe localization and reliable protection of personal accounts of participants. Third parties cannot obtain unauthorized access to users accounts through the fault of the company. Deliberate transmission of data to the third parties is not carried out, except in cases prescribed by law and terms of services.

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