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Affiliate Program

Receive passive income from the attracted funds alon
with a reliable investment company
Partners Program

We have developed the affiliate program that allows participants to earn not only on their own deposits, but also to receive income from attracting new investors to the project.

Every person can become a member of the partner program. You only need to have a minimum deposit of $5 and tell your friends, colleagues and any interested parties about the terms of cooperation in Share your affiliate link with them and receive income from all deposits created by your partners, and even from the contributions of second and third level referrals.

First levelaffiliate program

you will get from your direct partners who are registered under your link.

First levelaffiliate program

will bring the partners of the second level, who were invited to the project by your direct referrals.

First levelaffiliate program

will be the passive income from referrals of the third level.

Develop your
structure of successful
investors. creates all the conditions for you to attract active participants to your structure. Make profit through three levels of structure and dispose the earned money at your own discretion.

Financial upgradestep by step

Note that if the currency of a savings account differs

Big comissionsthree levels

Differs from the account holders home currency

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